£65 for a week's social media photo content!

Be featured in Bout Yeh / Use the photos for your PR & to fill a week’s worth of posts on your social media!

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Photo Story services overview –

Grow and sustain your online presence and ours (we’ll pay you back big-time).

More bangs for your buck.

Created by veteran editorial and advertising photographer Stephen BradleyBout Yeh is a social media supported web site featuring life-affirming stories about people in Belfast.

Incorporating your branding in photo and word content (sample), let us tell your story in Bout Yeh’s web site and social media profiles (our Instagram has 4100 NI based followers and rising).

Maximise your returns –

  • your logo on all featured photo’s.
  • use featured photo’s for your social media, blog and PR.

Bout Yeh – NI’s version of www.humansofnewyork.com

Get national media coverage.

And if your story is really good we can help get it placed in mainstream media, as we did for our picture story about Dave and his dog George’s last walk in the linked web sites below:

Do it now!

Experienced shooting and writing for local, national and international media (Belfast Telegraph staff photographer, The Times, Irish Times, The Economist, Newsweek, LA Times, etc), give us a shout, or buy a package below, and we’ll have your PR where it needs to be in no time at all!

Feed your social media / blog.

With daily posts being the minimum required to create substantial traffic, extend your exposure by individually posting each of the photo’s shot for you, and featured in Bout Yeh, on your social media – perhaps mentioning different offers / services / products per post!

Happy to help with writing content and managing your social media.

People are interested in people.

All we need is a simple story relating to a life lesson learned, or on how best to live your life (from one of your staff, vendors or customers), and we will create unique content (including what you want to promote) to take your PR to a whole other level!

BOOK A SHOOT THIS WEEK and it will be done by one of NI’s most experienced photographers.

NI News Photographer of the Year two years running, Stephen Bradley is experienced shooting for news media in NI, ROI, UK, European and USA, & multinationals including –

* Plans and Pricing –

If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, contact us and we’ll work out a package that will deliver what you need.

* Fees quoted are for PR within NI (if your campaign extends beyond NI let us know, and we will be happy to agree upon costs).



Package B

Photo story - branded
  •  Photographer – 1hr.
  • Your logo on photo content – example.
  • x1 4 photo story featured on a unique page in Bout Yeh.
  • Prominent branded photo link to your story on our home page – 1 week duration.
  • x1 Post on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile’s – linked to yours.
  • x4 featured photo’s for your social media – web resolution.
  • x2 featured photo’s for PR / press distribution (because photo editor’s don’t like using the same pic as their competitors) – print resolution.
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Package C

Multiple photo stories
£260/5 stories
  • Continue to stay visible online – FIVE stories for the price of four.
  • Photographer – 2 hrs
  • Your logo on photo content – example.
  • x5 4 photo story Feature Page’s in Bout Yeh.
  • Prominent photo links to each story on our home page – 1 week duration per story
  • x5 Posts on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile’s – linked to yours.
  • x20 featured photos for your social media – web resolution.
  • x10 featured photos for PR / press distribution – print resolution.
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Package D

Branded sponsorship
£350/10 stories
  • Your branding on x10 stories in boutyeh.com & our social media.
  • Sponsor branded photo & word content.
  • Duration – 1 week (and ongoing on our social media).
  • Pre-agreed release dates and times.
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FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the photos for advertising / marketing?
Certainly! As our images are shot to a high spec, they can easily be used for billboards, print advertising, brochures, television and other marketing mediums. Let us know how you wish to use them, along with the duration and geographic location of exposure, and we will let you know related costs.
What is your turnaround?
Fast! We usually deliver watermarked proofs of our edited shots 24 hrs after they are taken, and deliver client selected images chosen from these proofs 4 hours after that. We also provide a faster 1-2 hr turnaround service (fee: £65 per story).
What is your refund policy?
We offer a no-questions-asked refund, less a £65 call-out fee, to all customers if they are not completely satisfied with our work – upon review of watermarked proof versions of the images we take.
Do you distribute to the press?
Of course! Having done so for years, locally, nationally and internationally, and with great connections with local news organisations, we would be pleased to expand on the length of the stories we write for Bout Yeh, and distribute a full press pack to the news and magazine media of your choosing. If you’re not sure where best to send your story, we can provide consultancy on maximising exposure and return.
As we're too busy, can you do our social media posts?
Happy to do so! Let’s have a chinwag over a cuppa to work out what you need of your social media and, after we agree on deliverables and price, we’ll get right to it.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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