Best friends, Marrowbone Millenium Park, Oldpark Road, Belfast - photo 5332.

Best mates.

Travel back in time, to that happy and carefree existence that is childhood.


Xbox, playing football and Playstation respectively, makes these lad’s happy.

It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures of these young lads that I went back in time, to when I was their age and so carefree . . .

Rolling down the grass banks of Ewart’s Playing fields as my friends and I enacted action scenes from the TV show Mission Impossible, or firing mud balls, flung from the tips of willow branches ripped from a nearby ‘plots’, at the groundsman!

And let’s not mention tickling the underbellies of goldfish (an unsuccessful attempt at poaching) hypnotised by our torch lights in a nearby public bowling green, after sneaking in in the middle of the night with my young pals.

Life nowadays pales in comparison!

Stephen S T Bradley, Bout Yeh photographer.

Dualta, Finbar and Nathan (North Belfast)

At Marrowbone Millenium Park, Oldpark RoadBelfast.


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